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  1. Play will be governed by USTA rules. All players must abide by the Southern California Tennis Association "Code of Ethics." A 15-minute default time may be enforced. Scoring of all matches (except finals) shall be as follows: best of three (3) sets using regular scoring, using a 12-point tie-breaker (first to 7 points by a margin of 2 points) at six (6) games all. In the case of a tie-break, players shall change ends after every 6 points played and after the end of the tie-break. In the final round, the format will be the best of three (3) sets with the first two (2) sets using a 12-point tie-breaker at six (6) games all; in the case of split sets, the third set will be played as an "advantage set" (i.e., the first player or team to win at least six (6) games by a margin of two games shall be declared the winner of the match).
  2. The tournament director(s) reserve the right to consolidate divisions to accommodate the draw. ALL DIRECTORS' DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL.
  3. All players are encouraged to report/check-in at the tournament desk at least 15 minutes prior to match time. Defaults may be called immediately.
  5. Depending on the number of entries received, additional tournament sites may be required. You will be informed of this when you call for your first round match time. The online draw will also indicate at which site each match is to be played.
  6. All players who participate in the tournament (and spectators) accept full liabilities for accidents, injuries and/or loss of personal items, and will not hold the tournament, its directors or the facility responsible.
  7. In case of questionable or inclement weather, the tournament committee reserves the right to reschedule match times as needed. All players are advised that the rescheduled matches may include tournament participation on or during subsequent weekend(s). It is the player's responsibility to contact the tournament chair for rescheduled match times.

Guidelines to Determine Classifications

All players must play at their highest ability level. WARNING: once the first round begins, the tournament committee reserves the right to disqualify any player or team, regardless of their
NTRP or club affiliated rating, that is determined to be over-qualified for the event entered, with forfeiture of entry fee. PLAYERS WHO HAVE NOT REACHED THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY MUST PLAY IN THE OPEN DIVISION.

Point System For Rankings

In each tournament, players will earn points based upon how far they advance in the draw. Players earn their points on an "individual" basis, even though they are playing doubles. This allows players to play with different partners, if their regular partner cannot play a particular tournament. At the end of the year, each player's points will be totaled "individually". Trophies are awarded to the "High Point" winners in each category and division. Also, the top players in each category and division will be invited to compete in the ALL COUNTIES playoffs. The goal of every participant is to qualify to play in the GRAND PRIX MASTERS FINALS. This tournament showcases only the best players from all over Southern California. This playoffs are held at one of the participating counties on a rotating yearly basis.

For each tournament, points are assigned in each event as follows:
  • 10 points for losing in the first round
  • 10 points for getting a first round bye
  • 20 points for every match won (other than a first round bye)
  • 10 point bonus for advancing to the semifinals
  • 10 point bonus for advancing to the finals
  • 10 point bonus for advancing to the quarterfinals in a draw greater than 16
  • 10 point bonus for beating a seeded player/team (whether their seed is higher or lower than your own seed, or even if you're unseeded)
  • 30 point bonus for winning the finals
  • No points are assigned if you default prior to your first match

Entry Information

  1. The deadline is ten (10) days prior to each tournament. The full entry fee must accompany the entry form and be postmarked by the deadline date. Split entries will not be accepted. There will be a $10 late fee assessed for all entries postmarked after the deadline. NO REFUNDS AFTER THE ENTRY DEADLINE.
  2. It is the responsibility of the player to obtain his or her match times from the tournament director. NO CARDS WILL BE MAILED BACK WITH NOTIFICATION. The complete tournament draw will be posted on our website 3 days prior to the start of each tournament; if you do not have web access, please contact the appropriate person listed below three (3) days prior to the tournament. NOTE: some are home numbers. Please be considerate of the time of day that you phone. Thank you.
      Open, 5.5, 5.0    Dennis Claus (714) 838-8559, ext. 11
    4.5, 4.0 Rob Rinke (949) 422-9291
    3.5, 3.0 W. Daniel O'Connor    (714) 734-0800
  3. Entries will not be processed unless fully completed and accompanied by full payment. DO NOT SEND CASH. Make checks payable to O.C.G.P. Fees vary by tournament.
  4. Make check payable to O.C.G.P. and mail it to: Orange County Grand Prix, 1882 Royal Oak, Tustin, CA 92780.
  5. No refunds after the draw is made or for rainouts.
  6. It is each player's responsibility to report any errors made in calculating their point totals. Such errors should be sent in writing to: Orange County Grand Prix, 1882 Royal Oak, Tustin, CA 92780 (or email:
  7. All suggestions, appeals, or complaints may be submitted in writing to the address listed in #4.

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