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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


by Defaulted and worried!

Q: Hello: Just for my edification: I recently played in a local tournament. I signed up for two divisions; women's doubles and mixed doubles. I was defaulted in the mixed. However, I was told that the tournament director or tournament referee could have defaulted me out of the women's doubles as well. Is it true that if are defaulted out of the tournament in one division that you MAY be defaulted in all divisions not just the one I was defaulted out of? Thanks for your help.

A: USTA rules state that a player, or doubles partner maybe defaulted from a division and if the players actions which were the cause of the default were not abusive or unsportsmenlike the defaulted player may remain in other division(s) entered in the event. Also if the doubles player's partner had no part in the action(s) that caused the default and were playing in another division in the event they may remain in the event as well. So if you or your doubles partner were late for your scheduled match and were defaulted for that match, you or your partner could still play in another divison that was entered in the event. Also if you were playing 3.5 mixed doubles and your partner was defaulted for playing out of their level you could still play the 3.5 doubles or singles if you had entered them.
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