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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Server calling his own ball long
by Stacy

Q: During a match the server served the ball and I the opponent returned the ball, the server stood there and caught the ball saying that the serve was long, however, neither I or my opponent saw it long. Upon heated discussion we let the server take the second serve to avoid further argument. Who was right? the server calling their own serve long or us (the receiving team) playing the point? And how do you argue the point?

A: Stacy, The Code of tennis is very clear on this issue. It states that " Neither the Server nor the Server's Partner shall make a fault call on the first serve" This even if they think it was out as the Receiver may be giving the Server the benefit of the doubt. But on a second serve the Server, or Server's Partner shall call out any second serve that either clearly see's out. As far as the discussion after a call is made, The Code states a player should only ask "Are you sure of your call" and if the players reconfirms their call than play should resume without further delay or discussion. Hope this clears up this matter for you. And if you are in a match where Officials are present feel free to ask us about any questions you may have about the rules or if a problem developes in a match you are in have an official come to the court to help. Brian
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