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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


coaching during a tournament
by Ramona

Q: Hi! I recently played in a tennis tournament and made it to the semi-finals. When I got to the semi, my opponent had a coach with her. At each court change-over, my opponent's coach kept coming over to our break area to talk with her. At first, she would walk away from our court to speak with him at each change-over. But when she started to get so tired, he started walking over to our area to talk with her. I thought it was so unfair, and he started to talk louder, so I could hear him criticizing my weaknesses and where she was suppose to attack against me. I was up 4 - 0 in the first set. I got so frustrated because I could overhear their conversations, and it was extremely hot from the weather, that I finally just withdrew. On the part of my opponent, I felt that if she needed that much coaching throughout a Grand Prix Tournament, then why should she be allowed to play? A tournament is when you're suppose to put to work what you've been practicing for prior to the tournament. I told this to the facility's manager, and he apologized and said I could play in the next tournament for free. But oh well. Your thoughts?

A: Ramona In most tennis events coaching is not allowed during the match but I am glad that you stated in your question that this happened at a Grand prix Event. The Grand Prix Events do allow coaching during the matches provided that the player's coach has registered with the Tournament Desk and has obtained a Coache's Badge and that the coaching is restricted to change overs and set breaks. Try it out sometime yourself I think you will find out that it shows the value that coaching can provide. Have a friend come to the next Grand Prix you play in and be your coach. They may see something in your game that may need some work on. It is really ment to help improve your game and have fun playing the Grand Prixs at the same time. Brian
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