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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Why Is he Watching Us
by Why Me

Q: At this weekends Grand Prix the Official started watching play on our court during the match and called a footfault on me. What made him come over to our court no one called him over even though I guess I was footfaulting.

A: Your footfault call was most likly the result of my excellent Roveing Umpire responsibilities during the Grand Prixs. Here is just a little bit about how a Roveing Umpire works. You will see me move around during the Grand Prix but if I come close to a court it is because I have seen or heard something going on at that court or play has stopped for a long peroid of time. I can and will inject myself into the match if I see a violation of the Rules of Tennis or see that play has stopped and a long discussion about the score or a rule is taking place. I am there to insure fairness of play for all players and to answer any question on the rules of tennis that you may have. As I am only one person I do not and cannot catch all violations but you can also feel free to come and get me to come to your court during play to help with any problems that may exist during your match. And hey work on correcting that footfault in most cases players find that they serve better when not footfaulting during the serve. Brian
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