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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Conflicting call on serve
by Giada

Q: In a recent doubles tournament, my partner served to our opponent and her partner called the serve long. The person returning serve, however, successfully returned the serve and immediately corrected her partner's call to good. Based on the fact she successfully returned the serve, I said this was a let. There was a line judge present who said it was not a let and our point because of the conflicting calls. Who was right?

A: The Official, In this case if the Official (Line Judge) was present on your court because he or she was requested to help this match with line calls during play as we sometimes are. Than the mistaken call becomes an Overrule by the On Court Official and the Player or Team that made the mistaken call loses the point no matter where the return lands. I would hope that when the Official was requested to help with line calls that he or she had called all the players to the net and explained the rules that were in place when an Official was working with the players on court during the match upon being requested. There are some minor differences in this rule when an Official is on the court or when the players are on their own. If you were on your own with no Line Judge present than this serve would have been replayed as a Let. You always have the right to request the Tournament Referee be called out to your court to confirm if the correct rule was applied if you feel or know the Official may have been incorrect in the interpertation or application of a rule. Brian
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