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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Playing out balls
by Hammers

Q: Can you strike a ball after you call it out? My USTA team was playing, and one of their opponents got mad because the ball bounced, my teammate called it out, and then her partner hit it, as she was in motion. What is the ruling on this?

A: A player can strike the ball that has been called out, this offen happens in the case of doubles when a partner is ready to make a shot on a ball that is close to a line and their partner calls the ball out and they complete the shot after the out call has been made. This offen happens as they were in the act of making the shot and find it hard to stop but the ball is still out. However it would be concidered good manners if the player would stop and not complete the shot on a ball ball that they can clearly see is out. Brian
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