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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Players on wrong side.
by Don

Q: I had just serve to the opposing team and my serve was long. The players on the opposing team were in the wrong positions(after their positions had already been established). Would this point go to my team? Or would they just switch to the correct positions and I would take two serves to that correct person?

A: Don As you do not tell me if your serve was a first serve fault for the first point of a Standard Service Game or if this was a Tie Break. So I will assume that this was a Standard Service Game in the set and Rule 27 e. states that In the case that the receiving team begins receiving in a Standard Game in the wrong order that the teams wrong order would remain as altered until the end of the service game that the error was discovered. They will than change to their correct receiving positions upon the start of the next game that they would be the receiving team. All points that have been played would stand. The rules would be different for a Tie Break. Brian Brian
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